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*Subject:* Quantum Computing Internship at Microsoft

Dear Daniel,

The quantum community at Microsoft is most interested in tapping into the
imaginations of the younger generation on the question of what quantum
computers will be used for, i.e., what is the “killer app”? We are now not
only hoping, but also expecting to have these devices, and are
contemplating what problems we should be solving on them. We’d like to ask
you to challenge your students to do some “blue-sky thinking” combined with
some math/CS/physics to come up with a mini-research proposal on quantum
algorithms and applications. The “prize” for the most interesting proposal
from a student will be a summer internship at Microsoft either in Redmond
or Santa Barbara and a chance to work through and further develop the idea
with Microsoft Station Q colleagues. We don’t, a priori, wish to place any
limitations on the scope of the ideas: we would be interested in proposals
ranging from quantum chemistry, to condensed matter, to medicine, to social
networks or web applications, or literally any other topic. If you would
like to challenge your students in this manner and forward what you
consider to be the best suggestion to Krysta Svore at Microsoft (
ksvore at microsoft.com), we will enjoy studying the proposal further and
considering it as the core element of an internship application. Please
submit applications by February 15, 2012.


Mike Freedman and Krysta Svore

Station Q, Microsoft Research
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