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Wed Jan 25 13:43:12 EST 2012

A reminder of Adrian Hutter's talk today at 4pm in the Time room.

Title: *A Quantum Information Approach to Statistical Physics

* Abstract: I will first present a theorem based on the Decoupling 
Theorem of [1] which gives sufficient and necessary conditions for a 
quantum channel (CPTPM) being such that it yields the same output for 
almost all possible inputs. This theorem allows us to reproduce and 
generalize results of [2,3], in which cornerstones of statistical 
physics are derived from first principles of quantum mechanics, in a 
very natural and easy way. Specifically, we express them in a way which 
allows to apply results about random 2-qubit interactions [4]. 
Furthermore, we apply this theorem to provide a criterion for whether 
different initial states of some subspace of a quantum mechanical system 
in contact with an environment have at some given time already evolved 
to the same state or not. As it turns out, this question can be answered 
by examining a simple entropic inequality evaluated for just one 
particular state [5]. Applying this criterion to realistic Hamiltonians 
with local interactions may lead to improved bounds on the 
thermalization times of quantum mechanical systems. Joint work with 
Stephanie Wehner.

[1] F. Dupuis, M. Berta, J. Wullschleger, and R. Renner, 
arXiv:1012.6044v1 (2010).
[2] S. Popescu, A. Short, and A. Winter, Nature Physics 2, 754 (2006).
[3] N. Linden, S. Popescu, A. Short, and A. Winter, New Journal of 
Physics 12, 055021 (2010).
[4] A. Harrow and R. Low, Communications in Mathematical Physics 291, 
257 (2009).
[5] A. Hutter and S. Wehner, arXiv:1111.3080v3 (2011).
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