[OpenDataUW] UW API Python Class

Kartik Talwar talwar.kartik at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 16:55:14 EDT 2012

Hello Everyone,

Today I received an email that included a python wrapper to the API and
it's definitely worth checking out!

I hope that this encourages people to build more apps in python and in


Here is the original email:

Hey Guys,

I have completed the Python library and tested most functions. Bug
reports and suggested for improvements more than welcome


I would like people who are interested to use it first. Anyone
programming in Python and using pip should have no problem installing
locally and using it in their projects.

Once people have started using it, if people want to contribute and
are using git I will happily port it to github.

If there is continued interested I will also put it up on pypi.

I also have thoughts on formalizing what a WATIAM ID is and a CAS
Login and what is a User ID as reported by the directory. Being
formalized would make open data based apps and what I work on for IQC
must more robust and future proof.

Thanks so much for working on open data. The work you have done so far
is amazing.

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