[Maintain-users] request for feedback: batch DNS additions

Dawn Keenan dkeenan at ist.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Aug 11 14:36:33 EDT 2005

Some people have requested a way to add hosts to Maintain without
having to go through the web interface.  It would be a useful feature
for circumstances when several similar hosts need to be entered into
the campus DNS/DHCP as well as for automated host registration such as
Bruce Campbell's proposed Zero Administration Network Implementation.

I've written a framework on which I can hang a batch interface and some
documentation for the data requirements.  If you're interested in a
batch update feature for Maintain, please review what I've written at
http://nsbuild.uwaterloo.ca/doc/batch%20add.html and give me feedback.
I want the end result to be something useful to computing support
staff, so I'm interested in what you want to see from this tool/API.

I don't have a working interface for testing at this point in time,
but should have something available in the next few weeks (depending
on schedules which aren't entirely under my control).

For this mini-project I'm primarily interested in DNS additions.
If you're keen on other enhancements to the DNS/DHCP interface or
improvements to the documentation, I would like to hear from you as
well:  I've got a fair handle on the issues surrounding day-to-day
hostmaster duties but these tools should also be reasonable for
occasional use by computer support staff who may not be DNS or DHCP


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