[ISS4E] Talk on personal data by Prof. Hamed Haddadi, QMUL, UK: Friday November 20th at 1:30pm DC 1304

S. Keshav keshav at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Nov 9 14:42:43 EST 2015


I will be hosting Prof. Haddadi on Friday Nov 20th. Please let me know 
if you would like to meet him one-on-one or join for lunch/dinner. 
Please also redistribute this notice to other interested groups on 
campus (CRYSP, CACR, …),


Title: Personal Data, Thinking Inside the Box

Prof. Hamed Haddadi
Queen Mary University of London, UK

DC 1304
Friday Nov. 20th 1:00 pm

We are in a ‘personal data gold rush’ driven by advertising being 
the primary revenue source for most online companies. These companies 
accumulate extensive personal data about individuals with minimal 
concern for us, the subjects of this process. There is a critical need 
to provide technologies that enable alternative practices, so that 
individuals can participate in the collection, management and 
consumption of their personal data. However, personal data from 
individuals, and their (IoT) devices can be useful for a number of 
purposes such as personalised services or health monitoring. In this 
talk I discuss the Databox, a personal networked device (and associated 
services) that collates and mediates access to personal data, allowing 
us to recover control of our online lives. We hope the Databox is a 
first step to re-balancing power between us, the data subjects, and the 
corporations that collect and use our data.


Hamed is the Lecturer in Digital Media at EECS School in Queen Mary 
University of London and a Research Scientist at Qatar Computing 
Research Institute. He is interested in Networked Systems & Social 
Computing. He enjoys designing and building systems that enable better 
use of our digital footprint, while respecting users' privacy. He is 
also broadly interested in sensing applications and Human-Data 
Interaction. He is currently serving as the Information Services 
Director for the ACM SIGCOMM Executive Committee.

He studied for BEng/MSc/PhD at University College London and the 
University of Cambridge. He was a postdoctoral researcher at Max Planck 
Institute for Software Systems in Germany, and a postdoctoral research 
fellow at Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge and The 
Royal Veterinary College, University of London. He has spent time 
working and collaborating with Intel Research, Microsoft Research, AT&T 
Research, Telefonica, and Sony Europe. When not in the office, he 
prefers to be on a ski slope or in a kayak.


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