[ISS4E] Factors Behind Solar Success

Michael Doroshenko mdoroshe at uwaterloo.ca
Sun Mar 22 02:42:05 EDT 2015

A very good article detailing the factors driving solar prices down: A New
Solar Renaissance | Foreign Affairs


   1. *Regulatory support: *green tariffs etc
   2. *Industrialization of China:* "Beginning around 2005, manufacturers
   there entered the solar-panel market to chase growing global demand, and
   they now account for nearly two-thirds of global production of solar
   panels. Chinese competition squeezed profit margins and drove many
   suppliers out of business, but it also led to improved production processes
   and new economies of scale, cutting costs substantially."
   3. *Technological innovation:* better module efficiency
   4. *New financing schemes:* shifting CAPEX burden from households to

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