[ISS4E] Talk by Prof. Hossein Mouftah on Electric Vehicles on Friday, Jan 9

S. Keshav keshav at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Jan 6 15:50:16 EST 2015

I am pleased to announce that Prof. Mouftah from U. Ottawa, a senior and 
distinguished researcher in the area of computer networking, will be 
giving the following seminar:

Smart Grid Technologies for Connected Electric Vehicles
10am, Friday, January 9, 2015
DC 2585

Abstract: The electrical power grid is among the critical 
infrastructures of a nation. In the past several years, power grid 
operators have experienced several major blackouts that have caused 
large financial losses. In the near future, the imbalance between 
growing demand and diminishing fossil fuels, aging equipment, and lack 
of communications are foreseen to worsen the conditions of power grids. 
For this reason, governments and utilities have recently started working 
on renovating the power grid to meet the quality and availability 
demands of the 21st century. The opportunities that have become 
available with the advances in Information and Communications Technology 
(ICT) have paved the way to this modernization. The new grid empowered 
by ICT is called the smart grid.

In the near future, resilience is expected to become a more significant 
concern due to the additional loads of Plug-In Electric Vehicles (PEVs). 
PEVs are expected to be widely adopted as passenger cars and as 
commercial vehicle fleets since they have low carbon emissions and low 
operating costs. In this talk we will address the challenges facing 
connected electric vehicles in a smart grid environment.

Biography: After four years of industrial experience mainly at 
Bell-Northern Research (BNR), Dr. Hussein T. Mouftah started his 
academic career as an Assistant Professor in the Department of 
Electrical and Computer Engineering at Queen’s University in 1979. In 
1988 he became full professor there and from 1998 until 2002 he was 
Associate Head for the Department Since 2002 he has been a Tier 1 Canada 
Research Chair at the University of Ottawa, SITE and in 2006 he was 
appointed Distinguished University Professor. During his sabbatical 
leaves, he did consulting work for BNR and Norte! Networks (1986-87; 
1993-94; and 2000-01).Dr. Mouftah has published over 1000 technical 
papers, 7 books and 48 book chapters. To his credit he has 12 patents 
and 140 industrial reports. He has received research grants and 
contracts totalling close to $40 million and he has supervised more than 
300 highly qualified personnel of which 95 are Masters and 63 are PhD 
graduates and 30 are post-doctoral fellows.

Dr. Mouftah has served the Institute of Electrical and Electronic 
Engineering (IEEE) Communications Society as Editor-in-Chief of the 
Communications Magazine (1995-97), Director of Magazines (1998-99), 
Chair of the Awards Committee (2002-03), Director of Education 
(2006-07), and Member of the Board of Governors (1997-99 and 2006-07). 
Also, he is the founding Chair of two of IEEE Communications Society’s 
Technical Committees (Ths): Optical Networking TC (2002¬04) and Ad Hoc 
and Sensor Networks TC (2005-07). He has been a Distinguished Speaker of 
the IEEE Communications Society (2000-2008).Dr. Mouftah is the recipient 
of the 1989 Engineering Medal for Research and Development from the 
Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario and of the 2002 Ontario 
Distinguished Researcher Award of the Ontario Innovation Trust. He has 
also received 12 Outstanding/Best Paper Awards (ISMVL’1984; IEEE 
Communications Magazine in 1993; SPECTS’2002; HPSR’2002; CITO 
Innovators2004; ICC’2005; 2 at ISCC2008; CCECE2009; IST-AWSN’09; 
WiSense2010; and EPEC2010), the IEEE Canada Outstanding Service Award 
(1995), and the CSIM Distinguished Service Award of the IEEE 
Communications Society (2006). In 2004 Dr. Mouftah received the IEEE 
Communications Society Edwin Howard Armstrong Achievement Award and the 
George S. Glinski Award for Excellence in Research from the Faculty of 
Engineering, University of Ottawa. In 2006 he was honoured with the IEEE 
McNaughton Gold Medal and the Engineering Institute of Canada Julian 
Smith Medal. In 2007 he was the recipient of the Royal Society of Canada 
Thomas W. Eadk Medal. He has also received the 2007-2008 University of 
Ottawa Award for Excellence in Research, and the 2008 ORION Leadership 
Award of Merit. Dr. Mouftah is a Fellow of the IEEE (1990), Fellow of 
the Canadian Academy of Engineering (2003), Fellow of the Engineering 
Institute of Canada (2005), and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada 
RSC Academy of Sciences (2008).


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