[ISS4E] Talk this Thursday by Stefan Saroiu

S. Keshav keshav at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Feb 3 15:55:17 EST 2015

fTPM: A Firmware TPM for Mobile Devices

Stefan Saroiu
Microsoft Research
Thursday, Feb. 4 11:30 - 12:30, DC 3313

Arguably, TPMS are the most popular form of trusted hardware. They are 
present in millions of laptops and desktops, and used by some of the 
world’s most popular software, such as Windows and Chrome OS. Despite 
their importance, many smarthpones and tablets lack TPM chips. Mobile 
devices are constrained in terms of space, cost, and power dimensions 
that make the use of a discrete TPM chip difficult. Fortunately, the 
majority of mobile devices use an ARM architecture that offers ARM 
TrustZone, which is ARM’s support for trusted computing.

This talk will present firmware-TPM (fTPM), an end-to-end implementation 
of a TPM using ARM TrustZone. fTPM is the reference implementation used 
in all ARM-based Windows 8 mobile devices (including the Microsoft 
Surface). fTPM provides security guarantees similar to a discrete TPM 
chip. fTPM is the first hardware or software implementation to support 
the newly released TPM 2.0 specification.

This is joint work with Alec Wolman, Himanshu Raj, Magnus Nystrom, Paul 
England, David Wooten, David Robinson, Stefan Thom, Rob Spiger, Jork 
Loeser, Kinshu Kinshumann, Jeremiah Cox, Dennis Mattoon, and Ron Aiger.


Stefan Saroiu is a researcher in the Mobility and Networking Research 
group at Microsoft Research (MSR) in Redmond. Stefan's research 
interests span mobile systems, distributed systems, and computer 
security. For the past couple of years, Stefan has also worked on 
building support for trusted computing in the ARM firmware. This 
firmware is required by Windows 8 in order to offer any trusted 
services, such as BitLocker or virtual smart cards. Before coming to MSR 
in 2008, Stefan spent three years as an Assistant Professor at the 
University of Toronto, and four months at Amazon.com as a visiting 
researcher where he worked on the early designs of their new shopping 
card system (aka Dynamo). Stefan finished his Ph.D. at the University of 
Washington where he was co-advised by Steve Gribble and Hank Levy. In 
his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his children who have 
recently started to correct his English with a Romanian accent.

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