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This is of interest to many of us. Please note that the presentation 
will be uploaded to YouTube.


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for the Next Generation of the Intelligent Energy Infrastructure
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*Symposium:  Enabling Technologies for the Next Generation of the
Intelligent Energy Infrastructure*

*Hosted By:  Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (BECI) and i4Energy*

*When:  Thursday, November 6, 2014, 8:30am-4:00pm*

> *Symposium will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube*

The *Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute* <http://beci.berkeley.edu/>
* (BECI)* is a coordinating hub for energy and climate research at UC
Berkeley. BECI fosters collaboration between UC Berkeley, the Lawrence
Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and other external partners. The
Institute promotes interdisciplinary research by integrating science,
technology, business and policy. BECI is dedicated to advancing 
innovation, and new educational programs to cultivate the next 
of energy innovators.

The *i4Energy* <http://i4energy.org/> is a nexus, bringing
multi-disciplinary minds together to create information technology 
for our multi-layered energy challenges.  *i4Energy* is a vibrant 
of researchers and innovators, rooted in its three founding 
the University of California’s Center for Information Technology 
in the Interest of Society (CITRIS <http://citris-uc.org/>), the 
Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE <http://uc-ciee.org/>), and
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL <http://eetd.lbl.gov/>). 
partners in industry and government, this powerful research 
is focused on creating an integrated information infrastructure that 
transform our energy grid into a cooperative, “aware” energy network 
is both efficient and able to use sustainable energy sources.

The Symposium will present on-going energy research at the *Berkeley
Climate Change Institute, i4Energy *and partner organizations.  Sponsors 
the research include the CEC, DOE, NSF, and private industry.

*Preliminary Agenda:*
8:30 am               Registration and continental breakfast

9:00 am               Introduction of the Symposium (Therese Peffer, 
and Paul Wright, BECI)

9:25 am               Morning presentations

Sensing Systems for Energy Efficient Buildings (Richard Xu, UCB)

Integrated, Printed, Self-Rechargeable Wireless Sensor Node for 
Monitoring of

High-Value Rotating Equipment (Rich Winslow, UCB)

Porous Silicon-based Lithium Ion Anodes for Secondary Batteries (Daniel
Estrada, UCSD)

Control of Networked Electric Vehicles to Enable a Smart Grid with
Renewable Resources

(Rajit Gadh, UCLA)

Enabling Real-Time Residential Pricing with Closed Loop Consumer 

(Yusuf Ozturk, SDSU)

Smart Power for the Smart Home: Inverter Controls, Power Factor
Corrections, and Peak

Demand Reductions (Arthur Zhang, UCI)

Repetitive and Adaptive Control of Distributed Generation for Seamless
Transition Between

  Grid-tied and Off-grid Modes (Tsu-Chin Tsao, UCLA)

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Development for Residential DC Electricity
(Andrew Kean, Cal Poly)

Retrospective of CEC-funded UC Berkeley Energy Research (Paul Wright, 

12:30 pm            Lunch (not provided)

                     Poster session

2:00 pm              Afternoon presentations

The Billion Dollar Battle Over the Boring Old Thermostat

(Nathan Ota, Radio Thermostat of America)

Wireless Power Monitoring at Plugs and Panels (Kristofer Pister, UCB)

Flow and Pressure Monitoring for Natural Gas Pipelines (Pit Pillatsch, 

Sensing and Diagnostics of Energized Underground Cables (Skot Croshere, 

Micro-Synchrophasors for Distribution Systems (Sascha Von Meier, CIEE)

Innovative Low-Energy Occupant-Responsive HVAC Controls and Systems

(Fred Bauman, UCB)

4:00 pm               Adjourn

*For symposium logistics questions, please contact:           *Lorie 
Mariano:  lorie at citris-uc.org
*For symposium agenda questions, please contact:           *Therese 
Peffer:  therese.peffer at uc-ciee.org

Gaymond Yee: gaymond.yee at uc-ciee.org

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