[ISS4E] Ontario's power generation in October: an expensive disaster

S. Keshav keshav at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Nov 13 09:16:34 EST 2014

I was sent the attached report by Prof. Richard Mann: it makes very 
interesting reading. In a nutshell, payments to wind producers for 
curtailment along with overly conservative supply contracts, have 
resulted in a net wastage of $1 billion in just month. "Approximately 
half of all potential, or forecast, wind power generation resulted in 
the curtailment of contracted supply" triggering payments to the 
contracted suppliers. Due to the oversupply, the HOEP was negative for 
37% of all the hours of power production in October. That is, one third 
of the time, some consumers (not residential, unfortunately) would be 
*paid* to use electricity, due to oversupply. I don't fully understand 
how the GA is computed, but think this issue is well worth 


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