[ISS4E] Interesting paper on orienting bifacial PV panels for TOU pricing

Reid Miller r24mille at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Jul 29 13:24:36 EDT 2014

ISS4E Members,

I found this paper's topic fairly novel. It considers bifacial PV panels
that can generate power using direct light on their front and incident
light on their back. They test whether orienting the panel differently
to align with TOU pricing in Nevada is cost-effective.


They conclude that it is not cost-effective for Nevada. However, the TOU
scheme in Nevada is just summer-only and two price-periods (on-peak is

Looking at the dual-peaking graph for bifacial PV panel production in
Figures 6 and 7, I wonder how well it would align with winter TOU prices
in Ontario (ie. morning and evening peaks). Would it be cost-effective
to re-orient panels twice a year? Once for summer TOU rates and once for
winter TOU rates?

Reid Miller

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