[ISS4E] Demo at eEnergy

Affan Syed affan.syed at nu.edu.pk
Thu Apr 3 00:51:41 EDT 2014

Dear Keshav and the iss4e group,

My group's demo paper "SoftUPS: Eliminating the need and cost of battery
in the developing world" has been accepted at eEnergy. It is an early
adaption of the idea that I discussed with Keshav briefly at SIGCOMM.

More details about the project (and a demo video) are at
(http://sysnet.org.pk/w/SoftUPS). It would also be cool if you consider
adding this page to  your list of other research group active in this
area (http://blizzard.cs.uwaterloo.ca/iss4e/?page_id=82).

Thanks and hoping to interact with you people at eEnergy.



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