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Subject: Broadcast: WISE Lecture on Smart Grid Development in China

WISE Lecture on Smart Grid Development in China<http://wise.uwaterloo.ca/calendar/wiselecture-series-smart-grid-development-in-china>

Aaron Patel says:

Thursday, July 12, 2012  1:30-2:30 pm

Dr.  Ian Rowlands
Associate Director, Global Initiatives, Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy
Professor, Environment and Resource Studies
Lecture Location: David Centre (DC) 1302

Ian Rowlands has just returned from participation on a Canadian 'Smart Grid' trade mission to China.  With Canadian government, business and academic representatives, he travelled to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing to meet Chinese counterparts and to explore potential collaborations.  In this seminar, Prof. Rowlands will report upon this trip, identifying key contemporary issues in China's significant advances in the smart grid space, as well as reflecting upon his experience in this trade mission more broadly.


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