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Perhaps you or one of your students are interested in this.


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[The Smart Grid, Smart Homes, Smart Roads And Beyond]
Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2:00 p.m. ET; 11:00 a.m. PT


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[Jeff Reinke]
Heath Knakmuhs
Senior Director, Policy
Institute for 21st Century Energy – U.S. Chamber of Commerce


[Jeff Reinke]
Jeff Reinke
Editorial Director
Advantage Business Media
Design Group


n this presentation, Heath Knakmuhs, Senior Director of Policy (Institute for 21st Century Energy – U.S. Chamber of Commerce) will discuss innovative energy technologies for a sustainable society.
Our current energy grid has many shortcomings; including conservation, outage management and integration of intermittent energy resources, as well as security threats and cyber protection. These factors all impact the design and development of products that look to maximize energy efficiency-focused technologies and properly manage power supply. With this in mind, Heath will explore the paradigm shift needed for technological breakthrough leading to smarter transmission strategies, increased automation, balancing generation and load with off-peak storage, and large-scale battery storage.
His discussion will also encompass integration strategies focused on application solutions such as smart meters, smart appliances, and demand response strategies impacting consumer electronics.
Be sure to tell your colleagues who are designing products that look to maximize energy efficiency-focused technologies about the educational content of this Webinar. Your colleagues may register at no charge.<http://click.mail.advantagebusinessmedia.com/?qs=6dd52de9fedfb4e261693811ec99759af03bef0855b6f557fea6c606492ff3cfe0ca9d3714af9c87>

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