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> Subject: [Wise] SEMINAR REMINDER - WISE Lecture tomorrow, Fri 23 Sept 2011 - John Boland, University of South Australia
> Tomorrow’s speaker is John Boland, Environmental Mathematics, Barbara Hardy Institute, University of South Australia:
> Estimating the Volatility of Wind Energy from High Frequency Data
> Friday, September 23, 2011
> 1:30 – 2:30P
> CPH 4333
> The University of South Australia has the second largest penetration of wind energy into the electricity grid in the World, behind Denmark. Currently, 20% of SA’s electricity is produced from wind. We work with the Australia Energy Market Operator (AEMO) in two Australian Research Council funded project s on various aspects of integration of renewable energy into the electricity grid. The electricity market in Australia runs on a five minute time frame, with generators offering bids of volume and price every five minutes throughout the year. AEMO runs a linear program to select the volume from each generator and determine a pool price. The spot price is determined as an average of the six pool prices every half hour. The time scales of five minutes and half hour are crucial in the operation of the market since as well, peaking plants can often be asked to start up within a half hour to meet coming shortfalls. We have developed sophisticated forecasting techniques for wind and solar power on short time scales. I will focus on a method we have developed for estimating the volatility of wind farm output on a five minute time scale utilizing higher frequency (ten second) data. This is necessary for computing error bounds on forecasts, given that the wind farm output displays conditional volatility similar to that in energy markets.
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