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Hello everyone!

We hope midterms have been treating you all well and that you're hanging in
there. If you're looking to get your mind off of school, we've still got a
lot of events going into November that all of you are welcome to come out
to and participate in.

   - *What works to support greater equality, diversity and inclusivity in
   STEM and beyond?*: Professor Hilary Lappin-Scott is the Senior
   Pro-Vice-Chancellor and a member of the Senior Management team at Swansea
   University, leading for Research and Innovation and Strategic Development.
   Join her for a talk on the many practical examples from across the UK and
   Australia of what works to support changing the culture in universities to
   be much more inclusive, to give women greater visibility/participation and
   more women into leadership roles.

   - *Monday, October 30*
      - 2 pm
      - OPT 309

   - *Ania Jayich*: Ania Jayich received her Ph.D. in Physics from Harvard
   in 2006 and her B.S. in Physics and Mathematical and Computational Science
   from Stanford in 2000. She will be visiting Waterloo for a lecture and
   coming out to the FemPhys room afterward, so join us to chat, eat some
   food, and generally hang out.
   - *Monday, October 30*
      - 5-6 pm
      - PHY 104

   - *Meta Meeting*: Interested in learning how to run and facilitate
   meetings? Want to learn more about making sure all meetings are inclusive?
   Come out to our meeting to discuss meetings.
      - *Friday, November 3*
      - 5:30-6:30 pm
      - PHY 308

Don't forget to send an email to femphys at gmail.com if you are interested in
signing up to put up posters or to have office hours in the FemPhys room.

Take care and get lots of rest,

The FemPhys Family

Email: femphys at gmail.com
Location: Phys 104
200 University Ave W
Waterloo, ON
N2L 3G1
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