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Mon Sep 25 14:03:33 EDT 2017

Hi friends,

It’s a new term, and FemPhys is looking for new exec members!  Anyone who
is interested in devoting a bit of time to helping FemPhys run smoothly,
put on awesome events, build community, and further feminism in physics
(and related fields) is welcome to join exec! You don’t have to commit much
time, nor do you have to be a femme in physics to contribute.

We have a range of different roles available. Check out the role
descriptions at the end of this email and tell us if you’re interested by
filling out this short, sweet survey
(Roles can be shared, so let us know what you're interested in, and we'll
work out the rest!)

If you're free, *join us at our first exec meeting*: this *Wednesday,
September 27 from 5-6pm *in* Phys 104*!  If you can't make it, but are
still interested in contributing to FemPhys, send us an email and fill out
the survey.  We will be finalizing the roles for the upcoming term at our
first meeting, and can renegotiate the meeting time if necessary.

Take care,
<3 FemPhys


*Descriptions of FemPhys Exec Roles:*
Large time commitments:

   - The PRESIDENT/VP is in charge of making sure FemPhys runs smoothly -
   they schedule and chair exec meetings, act as a liason to external
   organizations, and delegate tasks.
   - The MEDIA folks create fabulous posters for FemPhys events!
   - The COMMUNICATIONS folks get the word out about our events; this
   includes making and sharing facebook events, sending out emails and
   managing the website and twitter accounts.

Medium time commitments:

   - The TREASURER creates a budget, communicates with funders, manages the
   FemPhys bank account, and handles reimbursements.
   - The LIBRARIAN takes care of our FemPhys library - this includes
   acquiring books, managing the book-lending system, and running the FemPhys
   book club!
   - The VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR recruits and manages volunteers to hold
   office hours and put up posters.
   - The TEA MASTER prepares tea, posts reminders, attends and facilitates
   our weekly Tea & Talk.

Low time commitments:

   - The MENTORING DIRECTOR is responsible for planning and running our
   mentoring event, with tasks including inviting and sending reminders to
   mentors, finding space and arranging catering.
   - The SECRETARY writes and posts minutes from and co-facilitates exec
   meetings, keeping folks on task and on time.
   - The WIS/PHYSCLUB LIASON attends both FemPhys and WiS/PhysClub
   meetings, relaying information and coordinating collaborations between the
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