[FemPhys] Call for Volunteers!

FemPhys UW femphys at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 17:56:04 EST 2017

Hi all!

Hope you're term is going great so far. You're receiving this e-mail
because FemPhys is recruiting volunteers for this term! We're looking for:

   - Office Volunteers
   - Event Photographers
   - Poster Volunteers

Office Volunteers - Responsible for maintaining the FemPhys room, welcoming
all visitors, and ensuring that a friendly atmosphere is kept at all times!

Event Photographers - In charge of taking neat photos during our events and
sharing them with the FemPhys team!

Poster Volunteer - Distributing event posters in cool places all around

If you're a returning volunteer, or a newcomer, email femphys at gmail.com with
your name and email address, as well as an indication of what area you want
to volunteer for.

More information about training and specific tasks will be sent to you once
we have you confirmed as a volunteer. Feel free to e-mail me back with any
questions or concerns. Thanks for all your help, and looking forward to
hearing from you soon!

Best regards,

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