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Mon Nov 21 12:04:42 EST 2016

Hello friends!

FemPhys, in partnership with Women in Science, the Department of Physics,
and HeForShe, is hosting a panel discussion on the gendered wage gap
tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov 22).

People of all genders are represented to varying degrees in all sorts of
careers, at many different levels. So why does a wage gap still persist
between those who identify as men and women, as illustrated by the $2905
salary gap between male and female faculty at the University of Waterloo?

Let's examine why this wage gap between genders still persists with
panelists who were a part of salary review boards or hiring boards,
research gender economics, or otherwise have experience with this
gender-based pay gap.

Food will be provided.

Tuesday, Nov 22
MC 2034

Panelists: Lynne Taylor, Kate Rybczynski, Prabhakar Radge, and Melanie

Hope to see you all there!
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