[FemPhys] A Call For Volunteers, Meet The Fall Executive Team

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Mon Sep 26 19:37:35 EDT 2016

Hey everyone,

Thank you to everyone who showed up to our annual general meeting last
week; it was exciting to see so many new people come out! The amount of
ideas for events/activities/actions we received was incredible and it looks
like we are on track for a very busy term. To all those who could not make
it out to the general meeting, we would still love for you to get involved,
and if that's not your thing we hope to see you out at our events. Now for
the business.

*Volunteer recruitment:*

With so much on the table this term, us members of the executive committee
are looking for volunteers to help in running it all. Some possible
volunteer opportunities include:

   - Event photographer (If you have a nice camera, we need you!)
   - Putting up posters
   - Helping set up and run events
   - Running a discussion
   - Being a post-graduate, graduate, or upper year mentor
   - Helping run an ally workshop

There are probably some things we did not think of, so if you are
interested in getting involved as a volunteer, please respond to this email
telling us your name and what you would like to do or contribute. No matter
how much time you can commit, every little bit is truly appreciated.

*Fall 2016 executive committee:*

The new executive team was also decided at the general meeting, and here's
the people serving this term.

   - Lindsay Orr: President, Mentoring coordinator, Tea master
   - Laura Chandler: Secretary, Novelties coordinator
   - Emma McKay: Treasurer, Social and workshops coordinator
   - Inah Amari Infante: Media officer, Discussions coordinator
   - Jennifer Reid: Community actions coordinator
   - Carolyn Earnest: Communications, Mentoring coordinator
   - David Liu: Communications

In addition, the current vice-president of PhysClub, Anya Forestell, will
be acting as a liaison between our two groups to help with collaborations
and fostering stronger ties.

That's it for now, take care everyone!

Lindsay Orr
FemPhys President
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