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Dear Women in Math,

This Monday, November 11th at 4:00pm in Math 3 Room 3127, the Fall Women in Math lecture will be delivered by Sylvia Esterby, Associate Professor in Statistics at the University of British Columbia. All are welcome to the talk; the title and abstract are below.

At 12.00 p.m. on Monday Sylvia will meet a small group of selected students or faculty for lunch. If you are interested in being one of them, please send an email<mailto:wim at math.uwaterloo.ca> to Women in Math.


Title: Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment: A Statistical Perspective

Abstract: The assessment of status and the detection and estimation of change are two fundamental issues which drive the development of environmental monitoring programs and the analysis of environmental data. Several challenges relevant to the analysis of existing water quality data and the design of new monitoring programs will be discussed. What appears to be abundant data can be information poor due to spatial and temporal heterogeneity and the nature of and number of variables. Large-p-small-n data sets provide poor spatial-temporal characterization. Toxic contaminant data include large numbers of non-detects. Real time monitoring generates questions of appropriate signal capture and online quality control. Several specific water quality case studies will be considered.  A statistical framework will be proposed and the statistical analyses or methods which have been used will be discussed, sometimes from a historical perspective and other times by reviewing current research directions.


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Laura Sanita

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