[Female-math-faculty] WiM Lecture Today!

Barbara F. Csima csima at math.uwaterloo.ca
Mon Nov 22 08:38:53 EST 2010

The Fall Women in Mathematics Lecture is today!

Come and get to know Yael Karshon before her talk over tea and treats
at 3pm in MC 5158. The talk is at 4pm in the same room.

Speaker: Yael Karshon, University of Toronto Mississauga

Title:   Hamiltonian group actions.

Abstract:  This talk is about actions of compact Lie groups
on symplectic manifolds, specifically those that are generated
by momentum maps.  Such group actions model symmetries in classical
mechanics and also arise in purely mathematical contexts.
The momentum map encodes manifold information into polytopes and graphs.
The purpose of the talk is to give a taste of the field
through a sample of examples and results, old and new.

About the speaker: Yael Karshon was born and raised in Israel and got
her B.Sc. and
M.Sc. degrees from Tel-Aviv University. In 1993 she completed her
Ph.D., at Harvard University, under the supervision of Shlomo Sternberg.
After holding a C.L.E. Moore Instructorship at M.I.T., she joined the
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she obtained tenure. In 2002 she
moved to the University of Toronto Mississauga.

Karshon's field of research is symplectic geometry, a branch
of differential geometry that evolved from the study of classical
mechanics, such as in the descriptions of simultaneous motions of planets.
Her research focuses on symmetries, or, in mathematical language - group
actions. She is the author of numerous publications, including two books,
and regularly lectures in international conferences. She is particularly
proud of the achievements of her Ph.D. students and post-doctoral fellows.

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