[Faccus] FYI: Guidelines for Cloud-based Educational Technologies

Andrea Chappell andrea.chappell at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Jul 25 14:29:38 EDT 2017

Hello CTSC and FACCUS members,
Many cloud-based tools are in use in teaching and learning, though IT and online learning support areas may have little knowledge of them and often no involvement. However, we may have useful tips, so David Bean (CEL), Mark Morton (CTE), and I have written a guideline directed to instructors, regarding what to consider when using cloud-based tools. See the attached document. They will be published in the Secretariat's guidelines (https://uwaterloo.ca/secretariat/guidelines). We will add a link for people to send questions, which (at least initially), will come to Dave, Mark, and me.

The guideline is not intended to create rules or to be prescriptive in any way; it is meant to raise instructor awareness of common things to think about before using the variety of rich tools available (privacy, accessibility, grade appeals, etc.). Consultations and feedback on the guidelines were targeted at groups and individuals who could comment on policies, legislation, and "on the ground" support issues. Consultation list:

-          Learning Environment Operations group (LEARN operations and associated/integrated tools; IST-ITMS (chair), CEL, CTE, Library, Bookstore)

-          Online Learning Consultants in CEL (manage course and program developments in CEL)

-          Faculty Liaisons in CTE (pedagogy consultants for instructors in all Faculties)

-          Teaching Fellows (reps from each Faculty, with responsibilities for best practice, innovative teaching)

-          AVP-Academic, Mario Coniglio

-          Privacy Officer, Karen Jack (in previous role)

-          Information Security, Jason Testart

-          UCIST, as FYI

We are sending the resulting document to you for awareness before it is posted and notices distributed this summer. We hope that it will encourage discussion about precautions in an increasingly popular practice among instructors. On a somewhat related note, questions are being finalized for a survey that will ask instructors about satisfaction and directions for online learning technologies, including questions about what learning technologies they use.

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Information Systems and Technology
University of Waterloo
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