[Faccus] WCMS pilot sites database migration – June 22

Darren Bondy darren.bondy at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Jun 22 10:32:13 EDT 2017

What is happening? All WCMS pilot sites will be migrated to a new database structure.

Why is this happening? IST is working to improve the stability of the databases that serve the WCMS.

When is this happening? Thursday, June 22 from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. on Friday, June 23.

Note: Additional upgrades will be performed throughout the next few weeks. Notice will be sent prior to the migration of production sites, which will contain additional instructions.

What you need to do before the upgrade begins: If you have a WCMS pilot site, please log out of your site and do not work on your site during this upgrade window. Sites will be briefly unavailable at some point during the upgrade window.

Questions or concerns? Please submit to rt-ist-wcms at rt.uwaterloo.ca<mailto:rt-ist-wcms at rt.uwaterloo.ca> or contact the IST Service Desk, helpdesk at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:helpdesk at uwaterloo.ca>, ext. 44357.

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Darren Bondy
Information Systems and Technology
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