[Faccus] Skype for Business legacy client availability ending – July 4

Darren Bondy darren.bondy at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Jun 15 13:30:18 EDT 2017

What is happening? To help ensure our clients are using the most recent and IST supported versions of Skype for Business (S4B), we will be terminating the ability to sign in to S4B with clients that do not support the S4B interface and client connectivity.  This update was provided by way of Windows Update to Office 2013 back in May of 2015.  This change only affects users using S4B (Lync) through the Office 2013 installation.  This does not impact users of updated Office 2013 installs or Office 2016.

When is this happening? Tuesday, July 4 at 9:00 a.m.

What is the impact? If you are using a version of Lync older than 15.0.4762.1000 you will no longer be able to sign into Skype for Business with a warning that your client is no longer supported and to contact support to get the most recent version installed.

What do you need to do? If you are still using an old version of Office 2013 as of this date, you will need to contact your IT support to either a) have your Office 2013 installation updated to the latest version, or b) upgrade to Office 2016.
Questions or concerns? Please contact the IST Service Desk, helpdesk at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:helpdesk at uwaterloo.ca> or ext. 44357.

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