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Barb Yantha byantha at uwaterloo.ca
Wed Mar 8 09:20:50 EST 2017

The following email will be sent to undergraduate students today or tomorrow regarding changes to undergraduate student email.

Mass move of all Undergraduate Students:
At the conclusion of the Winter 2017 term, all undergraduate students who have not yet activated their Office 365 accounts will be migrated from mailservices to Office 365 automatically. There may be a small window when you will be unable to log into your email accounts while your Office 365 account is being activated and your mailservices account is being moved. You will not lose any email sent to you @uwaterloo.ca. We will be able to provide you with more specific times of email unavailability closer to the move date.

Important dates for ALL Undergraduate Students:

*         April 26 - ALL undergraduate students will have their email forwarding changed to @edu.uwaterloo.ca, and they will no longer be able to change this in WatIAm.  Students may setup forwarding rules from within Office 365 to forward to an off-campus account. However, please be aware that the University is currently reviewing the email forwarding policy.

Important dates for Undergraduate Students still using MailServices:

*         April 3 - The Opt-in student-activation of Office 365 will end, anyone remaining will be bulk moved at the end of the term.
If you are using the Opt-in option before the bulk move and would like help to activate your account and migrate your mail

*         please call or visit an IST Service Desk<https://uwaterloo.ca/information-systems-technology/services/ist-service-desks>, (helpdesk at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:helpdesk at uwaterloo.ca>)

*         visit a faculty helpdesk<https://uwaterloo.ca/information-systems-technology/services/service-desks-faculty>

*         or consider attending an IST/Microsoft information booth at the SLC on March 14 (11:00-4:00)

*         April 26 - Your forwarding address in WatIAM will be changed to userid at edu.uwaterloo.ca<mailto:userid at edu.uwaterloo.ca> and a final sync of your mailbox to Office 365 will be completed

o   To access your email after this use: https://portal.office.com using username at edu.uwaterloo.ca<mailto:username at edu.uwaterloo.ca>

o   Your Mailservices account will be disabled

Additional information:

*         Getting Started with Office 365: https://uwaterloo.ca/information-systems-technology/services/microsoft-office-365-education/getting-started-office-365

*         Detailed instructions for students to migrate their mail https://uwaterloo.ca/information-systems-technology/instructions-office-365-activation

*         General Office 365 information https://uwaterloo.ca/information-systems-technology/services/microsoft-office-365-education

Questions or concerns? Please contact the IST Service Desk, helpdesk at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:helpdesk at uwaterloo.ca> or ext. 44357.

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