[Faccus] CAPTCHA page on Google searches from on-campus - 6 February

Barb Yantha byantha at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Feb 6 16:36:05 EST 2017

What is happening? Google's search results from campus IPv6 networks are being blocked with a CAPTCHA page. This primarily affects campus wireless connections, including Eduroam. It is common when Google suspects scripted or malicious activity from a particular network. This does not affect Google searches within University of Waterloo web pages. To have your search results appear, enter the requested information in the CAPTCHA and proceed to the search result.

When did this start to happen? It appears to have started some time on Friday, February 3.

Why is this happening?  This behaviour is a security response from Google. We cannot offer any further information about when we can expect Google to end this behaviour.

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Barb Yantha
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