[Faccus] Update on blank WatIAM 'Email Address Forward' fields

Lisa Tomalty ltomalty at uwaterloo.ca
Fri Jan 13 11:43:48 EST 2017

Hi all,

Update on blank WatIAM 'Email Address Forward' fields:

IST's ITMS LEARN support team notifies Peggy Day (Manager of Service Desks, IST Client Services) of any students that have blank email fields in LEARN. The students are in a current undergrad or grad LEARN course. Peggy's team corrects this at the source, in WatIAM, by populating the 'Email Address Forward' fields with their current email address (that is, @mailservices, @edu, @connect, if those exist). In cases where none of those email addresses exist, the email address from Quest is used (likely a personal, not Waterloo, address). The number of blank 'Email Address Forward' fields is reducing over time (last week there were only 5 to update). The LEARN team has provided a tool for instructors to find the empty addresses, as the error message when sending email to the class in LEARN does not provide this list. Send people to learnhelp at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:learnhelp at uwaterloo.ca> if they need assistance.

Lisa :)

Lisa Tomalty

Manager, Customer Relations and Support, Information Systems and Technology

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