[Faccus] memo to instructors regarding changes to the learning environment for the winter term

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Apologies to those for whom a Word doc is not optimal! Attaching PDF.

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Subject: memo to instructors regarding changes to the learning environment for the winter term

Hello all,
Attached is the memo to instructors to tell them of changes to the learning environments for the start of winter term. University Communications will send it to all instructors on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

The main changes (see memo for more details):

*         Usual e-classroom equipment upgrades, and reminder to visit the room to run through what's new.

*         Reminder that all Registrar-scheduled e-classroom podiums use electronic fobs, not keys.

*         On painted whiteboards in renovated e-classrooms in HH, use provided markers (others need special cleaners that damage the paint).

*         Overhead transparency projectors are no longer standard and can be loaned in the room for the term, as needed.

*         Equipment Loans has moved to another space in MC, now in 1088.

Thanks to the teams that provide the support to these areas, and keep the learning environments running.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

Director, Instructional Technologies and Media Services
Information Systems and Technology
University of Waterloo
519-888-4567 x43779

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