[Faccus] SharePoint maintenance - August 20 (extended down time)

Darren Bondy dmbondy at uwaterloo.ca
Wed Jul 13 10:59:47 EDT 2016

What is happening? As part of the normal maintenance cycle, IST staff will be upgrading the current SharePoint infrastructure. Our goal is to improve the robustness and performance of the storage utilized by SharePoint. There will be no changes to the SharePoint software or SharePoint user interface. The upgrade requires the transfer of a large amount of data, and that transfer will take a minimum of 6 hours to complete. Once the data transfer is complete, we will need to test the new environment and make some configuration changes.

When will this happen? The upgrade will begin Friday, August 19 at 11:50 PM and should be completed by 9:00 PM Saturday, August 20.
SharePoint may be back online sooner; the extended maintenance window is to ensure we have time for backing out of the process should an issue arise.

What are the steps? This process will require:

*         running a backup to ensure we have a clean copy of all the databases in case a restore is necessary - (approximately 2 hours required)

*         copying the data to the new location - (approximately 6 hours required)

*         reconfiguring SharePoint to use the new data locations, and bringing all servers back online

What do you need to do? Please close all sessions to SharePoint, and do not attempt to use SharePoint during the maintenance window. Changes made after maintenance begins will not be saved.

What if I need access to files during the maintenance? Please contact Stephen Markan (smarkan at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:smarkan at uwaterloo.ca>) for consultation on this before August 19.

Questions/concerns? Please contact Stephen Markan, smarkan at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:smarkan at uwaterloo.ca>, IST SharePoint Services Coordinator.

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Darren Bondy
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