[Faccus] memo to instructors going out tomorrow - winter 2016 learning environments changes and reminders

Andrea Chappell chappell at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Dec 17 10:14:48 EST 2015

Hello FACCUS, CTSC, IST HelpDesk, and others,
Tomorrow instructors will receive this memo about changes to the learning environments. Topics:

1.       E-classroom fobs and keys (more rooms using fobs, reminder to request or pick up their fob/key, including where/how)

2.       E-classrooms with tech upgrades (new Science rooms, still under installation through the hard labours of our technicians/elves; changes to tech in other rooms over the past year, as instructors may not have taught in the room for a while)

3.       Reminder of plan to retire old equipment (overhead projectors, DVD/VCRs)

4.       LEARN and continuous delivery (end of winter 2016 will make one year since moving to this delivery mode, so likely the last notice)

I added a footnote pointer regarding differences between overhead projectors, document cameras, and data projectors. Last term one person was alarmed, thinking that "overhead projectors" meant "document cameras". The terminology can be confusing. How unlike IT! :)
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