[Faccus] SPSS license server is working again

Jennifer Keir jkeir at uwaterloo.ca
Fri Sep 11 08:12:43 EDT 2015

The SPSS concurrent use license server used in nexus student labs is working again.  Thanks to Hon and Engineering Computing for their quick work.  IBM/SPSS changed the licensing to increase student access to the software.  I didn't realize that this change would break our current authorizations.

As a heads up, SPSS 23 is out, and so we will be moving to it for the Winter Term.  At the same time IST will be taking over providing the license server as Engineering doesn't actually use this software.


From: Jennifer Keir
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Subject: SPSS license server not working for student labs

SPSS is not working in the nexus student labs.  There is a problem with the concurrent use license server.
I'll send an update when I have more information.

This should not affect the podiums or other standalone installs.

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