[Faccus] OnBase Version 15 Client Support

Colin Clark c8clark at uwaterloo.ca
Wed Aug 5 09:50:08 EDT 2015

OnBase Client Support
Web client browser support: The OnBase 15 web client supports Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11 for Windows users, Firefox 31 Extended Support Release for Windows and MAC users, and Safari 5.1.10+, 6.0.5+, 6.2.0+, 7.1.0+ and 8.0.0+ for MAC users. Chrome is not supported. Compliancy testing of the OnBase 15 web client with Firefox ESR 38 for Windows and MAC OS X was done by Waterloo users; no issues where found.
Thick client access:
Remote Desktop access to the OnBase thick client can be obtained using Internet Explorer. The links are as follows:
TEST V15                              https://kenora.uwaterloo.ca/RDWeb
QA V15                                 https://renfrew.uwaterloo.ca/RDWeb
Production V15                 https://essex.uwaterloo.ca/RDWeb

Web Client Help page: https://mynarski.uwaterloo.ca/web_root/splash/faq.htm  (covers browser support, browser options, vpn access, viewing of pdfs, FAQs)
The attached "OnBase_v15_VersionDifferences" document lists differences between version 13 and 15 noted during upgrade testing. There were no major issues reported during the testing of build There was one minor issue related to keyword values starting with the word "function". Details are in the document.

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