[Faccus] Change to Connect email attachments - August 5

Natasha Jennings njennings at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Aug 4 19:50:34 EDT 2015

What is happening? Zip file attachments will be stripped from email messages received by Connect email clients.

Why is this happening? This policy change will better protect Connect email clients and their equipment from the malicious software often found within these types of email attachments. A similar policy exists for other files, including .exe files.

When is this happening? Late afternoon on Wednesday, August 5.

What is the impact? Connect email clients who receive a message that was sent with a .zip attachment will not see/receive the .zip file. Instead, a text file will be attached to the email message alerting the recipient that the .zip file was stripped from the email, as per the new policy.

Reminder: The Sendit service<https://uwaterloo.ca/information-systems-technology/services/sendit/about-sendit> is available to members of the University community who need to send/transfer files securely.

Questions or concerns? Please contact the Security Operations Centre (SOC), soc at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:soc at uwaterloo.ca>.

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Natasha Jennings
Information Systems & Technology
University of Waterloo
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