[Faccus] SERVICE ALERT - 2015-07-02 Lync, Telephones - Maintenance - IP Phones rebooting 8:30-9:00pm on July 2nd

etbain at uwaterloo.ca etbain at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Jun 30 15:48:46 EDT 2015

Description:     IP Phones rebooting 8:30-9:00pm on July 2nd

Date: (YYYY-MM-DD)     2015-07-02

Start Time:              20:30

End Time:	21:00	

Impact:           IP Phones, Lync and Fax server will be unavailable briefly


Submitted By: etbain at uwaterloo.ca

Comment:        Following up on work done this past weekend, configuration updates need to be made that will affect IP phones, Lync phones and the fax server. 

The configuration changes will result in IP phones rebooting shortly after 8:30pm. Any calls in progress at the time will continue normally and the phone will reboot immediately after the call has completed.

If the configuration updates do not work as expected, the changes will need to be reversed and this will result in a second reboot before 9:00pm.

Notice Submitted:    Tue Jun 30 15:48:46 EDT 2015

Note:   If you have any questions or concerns please contact the IST Service Desk at ext: 44357 or helpdesk at uwaterloo.ca

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