[Faccus] Terry Stewart - Retirement - Reminder

Lowell Williamson llwillia at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Jun 1 10:39:48 EDT 2015

What is happening? Some old troublesome hardware that has been obsolete for years is finally being taken off the floor. Terry Stewart is retiring after 40+ years at UW.

Why is this happening? AHS Computing can no longer support Terry.0.Stewart. Reliability and security patches will no longer be issued. Terry is old and he can no longer be upgraded. Besides you can’t hang around here forever and we are helping Terry realize his dream of getting paid not to show up to work!

When is this happening? June 26th 3pm at the University Club a gathering is being held to fete Terry.

What is the impact?  This might be difficult to determine because we aren’t really sure what he’s been up to lately at least since he completed the AHS Computing Audit with flying colours! We do know that: a) there will be fewer arguments in the hallways b) a source of history and reason will be gone and c) a pillar of the AHS community will be lost.

Questions or concerns? Please contact Peggy Stewart – she’s the one who is going to have to put up with him!

All joking aside, Terry has been a dedicated servant to UW, AHS and to the Staff & Faculty here – we hope to see everyone at this event.

Contributions to a gift and donation in Terry’s name are most appreciated. Please see Craig, Brent or Lowell.

RSVP to Lowell Williamson<mailto:llwillia at uwaterloo.ca?subject=TOS%20Retirement%20RSVP> by June 5th.

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