[Faccus] Possible Disruption of Service -- Wednesday, January 21st starting at 6:00 AM on LEARN

Jan Willwerth jan at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Jan 20 10:00:17 EST 2015

Hi Everyone,

Just an FYI:

We put up a System Alert and the News item and the support site has been updated.  No requirement at this time for any type of broadcast as we anticipate the level of disruption to be  insignificant.  The following has been posted.

The Central Authentication System (CAS) which is used to log into Waterloo LEARN will be updated starting at approximately 6:00 AM tomorrow morning (Wednesday, January 21st) and may result in a possible disruption of service until 8:00 AM. Users attempting to log into Waterloo LEARN during that time frame may encounter difficulty accessing the system and are encouraged to try logging in again after waiting a short interval.


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