[Faccus] NETWORK Update - 2015-01-02 DNS - dist-adns-mc hardware failure // failure

jbgorrie at uwaterloo.ca jbgorrie at uwaterloo.ca
Fri Jan 2 09:36:48 EST 2015

Description:     dist-adns-mc hardware failure // failure

Date: (YYYY-MM-DD)     2015-01-02

Start Time:              20:00

End Time:		

Impact:           suboptimal DNS lookups, failure of


Submitted By: jbgorrie at uwaterloo.ca

Comment:        Reports of failure of from 20:00 or so on Jan 01, 2015 till just now.  We have disabled the interface on the dist-adns-phy as it was dropping packets.  At this time all 2.1/2.2 lookups should be working.

Hardware is still ETA for Monday AM.

Notice Submitted:    Fri Jan 2 9:36:48 EST 2015

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