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Bob Hicks bjhicks at uwaterloo.ca
Wed Dec 17 13:13:01 EST 2014

Good Afternoon,

There won't be a Friday morning seminar this Friday, December 19th.

I am pleased to inform you that Sandra Laughlin (IST, Client Services)  is taking over as chair of PDAG<https://uwaterloo.ca/it-professional-development-advisory-group/about>, and will be coordinating the Friday morning seminars starting in January. The schedule for January is now available.<https://uwaterloo.ca/it-professional-development-advisory-group/professional-development-seminars> Please note that Jan 15th seminar is a Thursday.

Friday morning seminars have always been very important to me. They are a great way to stay informed and learn new things. Even though we webcast/record most seminars, and even though it's a little further walk to MC 2009, I hope we will continue to have a good turnout to the seminars. It means lot to the speakers to have a "live" audience, and it's fun to chat with colleagues from across the campus.

Thanks for all your support over the years with the seminars.


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