[Faccus] Request Tracker upgrade and downtime this Saturday, October 25th

Lisa Tomalty ltomalty at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Oct 21 10:48:25 EDT 2014

What is happening? The "Request Tracker (RT)" system, used by many areas of campus, is being upgraded to the most recent version, RT 4.2 .

When is this happening? Saturday, October 25, 2014 from 8am to 12noon (and possibly early afternoon).

What is the impact to users?

*         The RT system (http://rt.uwaterloo.ca ) and RT forms (http://rt.uwaterloo.ca/request) will be unavailable from 8am to 12noon (and possibly early afternoon) on Saturday, October 25th, 2014

*         Any email sent to the RT system will be queued and submitted to the system when it is back up

*         Emergency requests during RT down time:

o   IST requests may be sent to: helpdesk at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:helpdesk at uwaterloo.ca>

o   Faculty Service Desks: https://uwaterloo.ca/ist/services/faculty-service-desks
Why is this happening? This upgrade is a result of the work of the campus wide projects: "RT Investigation Project (2012-13)" and "Request Tracker 4 (RT4) Implementation Project (2013-14)".

What do I need to do?

*           Please share this information with staff in your group who use the current "RT" system

*           New RT4 system will have the same URL as the current system: http://rt.uwaterloo.ca

*           New RT forms page will available from: https://rt.uwaterloo.ca/SelfService/

?  Click 'New Ticket' to see the forms list

?  Click on form name to submit a request

*           Email to RT will remain: rt at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:rt at uwaterloo.ca>

*           Note: "Custom Fields" (matching the form fields) may appear in your current RT3 queue at some point leading up to the go live date

*           https://uwaterloo.ca/rt/new-rt4 (See links to Issue Solver and Requestor documentation)

*           See https://uwaterloo.ca/ist/RT4-training

*           By request: email rt-help at rt.uwaterloo.ca<mailto:rt-help at rt.uwaterloo.ca>

Key notes about this upgrade

*           RT 4.2 will be delivering the existing service of RT3 with an updated look, new request submission forms, and some new features

*           What's new?

?  "Reply" and "Comment" buttons (at the top) are now under the "Actions" menu at the top

?  Quoted text in the ticket history is hidden by default (for a cleaner look); it can be shown by clicking "-Show quoted text-"

?  Recurring tickets feature (allows creation of multiple recurring tickets based on a schedule). **Update: this feature will be available at some point after the initial upgrade

?  New knowledge base (appears as "Articles" in the top menu). **Update: this feature will be available at some point after the initial upgrade

*           Other information

?  7 years of data will be moved; older data will be available on an archive read only site (http://uwaterloo.ca/rt/new-rt4/issue-solver-documentation#RT3ArchiveServer)

?  Default settings:

?  Ticket history will display newest items at the top (to change this: http://uwaterloo.ca/rt/new-rt4/issue-solver-documentation#prefs)

?  WYSIWYG editor is turned off by default (to turn on: https://uwaterloo.ca/request-tracking-system/node/4#WYSIWYG)

*           Overview: RT4 PDAG seminar from March 28: http://tcs.uwaterloo.ca/tcs/#page:recordingList&pageNumber:1&id:6D126015-8020-4405-B6F0-4C7766D7FAE1

Questions/concerns? Please email rt-help at rt.uwaterloo.ca<mailto:rt-help at rt.uwaterloo.ca>.

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