[Faccus] NETWORK ALERT - 2014-10-07 Wired Network - Architecture network connection still down [UPDATE]

sbourque at uwaterloo.ca sbourque at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Oct 7 17:45:06 EDT 2014

Description:     Architecture network connection still down [UPDATE]

Date: (YYYY-MM-DD)     2014-10-07

Start Time:              14:40

End Time:		

Impact:           Architecture wired/wireless networks down


Submitted By: sbourque at uwaterloo.ca

Comment:        The provider of fibre connectivity to our satellite campuses has confirmed that a fibre cut is responsible for the outage at the School of Architecture.

The fibre cut occurred moments after the module reload at the main campus. The two incidents are independent of each other.

The provider is working on repairing the cut and connectivity/service will automatically resume when this is complete. No ETR is available at this time.

Notice Submitted:    Tue Oct 7 17:45:06 EDT 2014

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