[Faccus] NETWORK Update - 2014-09-10 Wireless - wireless degraded in some locations

mverlis at uwaterloo.ca mverlis at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Sep 15 15:06:31 EDT 2014

Description:     wireless degraded in some locations

Date: (YYYY-MM-DD)     2014-09-10

Start Time:              00:00

End Time:		



Submitted By: mverlis at uwaterloo.ca

Comment:        The sporadic issues of wifi not working are related to software.
The vendor is currently investigating and has given this issue high priority.

The basic description of the problem:
Authentication completes to wireless OK but there is a delay sometimes for some users (up to 15 minutes has been observed) before they are put into the user table which will allow them to use the network.

Symptoms you will see on the user side of things:
1) they are on the network
2) they have an ip address
3) they cannot ping the gateway.  (gateway for eduroam on campus is

Notice Submitted:    Mon Sep 15 15:06:31 EDT 2014

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