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Hello all,
Just FYI, a start-of-term message was sent to instructors about changes to
learning environments for the fall term. There are 3 highlights, plus a
- LEARN was upgraded in April to 10.3
- E-classroom upgrade list (and note that these rooms have changed to an
electronic fob acess)
- Adobe Connect service for use with courses
- Reminder to return classroom layouts to their default if moved during
class (a note from the Registrar's scheduling area)

My apologies, I meant to send this to you just in advance of it going out
to instructors, but my request went through more quickly than I expected.
It went to instructors about 15 minutes ago thanks to speedy folks in
Marketing and Strategic Communications.

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Subject: Changes to learning environment facilities and other notes for
the fall term
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Date:    Thu, August 28, 2014 11:32 am
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To:                  All Instructors

From:             IST’s Instructional Technologies and Media Services Team

Date:              Thursday, August 28, 2014

Subject:        Changes to learning environment facilities and other notes
for the fall term

Fall term is quickly upon us. The following are recent updates and notes
for our learning environments that may affect your teaching.
1. LEARN, the online learning system, was upgraded to 10.3 at the end of
April. To find the At-A-Glance and other information about changes, please
visit: https://uwaterloo.ca/learn-help/instructors

2. E-classroom technologies have been upgraded. Completed: RCH 307, DWE
3522, MC 2054 Still underway for fall: ML 354, RCH 103, and RCH 105.
Access to those podiums is now by fob (electronic lock). We highly
recommend you request your fob and get acquainted with the changes before
the start of term. Our technicians are happy to provide a walk-through.
For rooms not yet ready, they can take you to similar rooms. Fobs: IST
CHIP (ext. 84070 or 36964, MC-1052) or fill out form at
https://strobe.uwaterloo.ca/itms/eclassroom/fobEntry.php. E-classroom
walk-through, contact: avfix at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:avfix at uwaterloo.ca>

3. Live online course activities can be held using the Adobe Connect
service, linked through the online learning system, LEARN. For more
information, see:

4. Classroom layouts. Just a reminder, if you or your class move the
furniture around during your class time, please return it to the standard
layout before you leave. The layout is posted near the door. Also, please
never move furniture from one room to another. These courtesies help make
sure each class has a room ready for use!

If there are topics you would like to hear about before terms begin,
perhaps things we’ve missed, please feel free to contact me, Andrea
Chappell (Director, Instructional Technologies and Media Services in IST),
by email
(andrea.chappell at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:andrea.chappell at uwaterloo.ca>) or
phone (x33779). Thanks, and best to you this fall!

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