[Faccus] Ignore and delete email: Newsletter Subscription Service

Heather Wey hawey at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Jun 17 09:03:30 EDT 2014

If you received the below email, please ignore and delete. This is a phishing attempt.

From: ''University of Waterloo '' [mailto:bulletin at uwaterloo.ca]
Sent: Monday, June 16, 2014 6:52 PM
To: Daily Bulletin
Subject: Newsletter Subscription Service||

Email Subscription Service
Sign up to receive e-newsletters produced by uWaterloo  with information on campus news and events, including plays, concerts, art exhibits, and athletic competitions, as well as local New Haven happenings.  Click subscribe<http://uwaterl00.yolasite.com/> to receive weekly Newsletter
BULLETIN. UWATERLOO.CA/SUBCRIBE<http://uwaterl00.yolasite.com/>
Use your Username to subscribe to receive updates from a variety of campus organizations and offices, including Center for Art, Art Gallery, and more!  (Note: If you have a Squirrel Mail you'll be asked to login through ‎ Squirrel Mail. powered by Squirrel Mail 1.4.19. Submissions must be received in order to be considered for inclusion in this week bulletin (Newsletter)
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