[Faccus] Odd SharePoint Error when mixing Office versions.

Stephen Markan smarkan at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Mar 18 10:43:42 EDT 2014

Hello All

A few clients have reported the following issue:

"Every time I try to open a SharePoint file, I receive the error message. The only way I can actually open the file is to delete the first part of the path (see below before https://)- I am not sure why this string is added each time I select a file but perhaps you can shed some insight on it. If I delete the first part of the string, I can open the file.

ms-word:ofv|u|https://sharepoint.uwaterloo.ca/sites/SITENAME/Project/Shared%20Documents/ myfile.docx"

The problem appears to be related to mixing Office 2013 with any previous Office Suite on the same workstation. In particular the problem may happen with any 2013 Standalone product (such as Lync, Project, SharePoint Designer, Visio) when installed with Office 2010/2007

The solution is here:

Basically Office installs a number of helper apps and add-ons to make the integration with web services. When a 2013 stand-alone product is installed it assumes that Office 2013 is the local suite and modifies the OWSSUPP.DLL which is part of the "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Support" category under Office Tools.

To resolve this issue you should disable Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Support in any other version of Office installed on the machine and then repair the Office Suite install to get the correct OWSSUPP.DLL installed.

The best practice is to not mix products from Office Suite versions on the same workstation.


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