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Pat Lafranier pllafranier at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Mar 10 14:26:34 EDT 2014

What is happening? Each month, when FORE users are notified that delivered reports are complete, a spike in FORE report submissions severely overloads the servers, slowing response times and causing frustration amongst FORE users.

Why is this happening? During these busy times, FORE administrators observe users submitting the same report with the same prompts over and over again. Frequently, users submit their reports multiple times. In one recent case, a report was submitted 40 times within a 2-hour period.

What can you do to prevent this? Only submit your report request (i.e., those with the same prompt values) once and wait for it to complete. Be aware that closing a browser does not cancel the report submission.

What action is being taken? During peak periods of the month, the FORE report queues are closely monitored. Users who submit multiple copies of the same report with the same prompts will have their reports deleted from the queue. Options for performance improvements are being explored.

Questions/concerns? Please submit an RT to rt-fore-iwr at rt.uwaterloo.ca<mailto:rt-fore-iwr at rt.uwaterloo.ca>.

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