[Faccus] Issues Connecting to Waterloo LEARN (RESOLVED)

Jan Willwerth jan at uwaterloo.ca
Sun Mar 9 13:28:33 EDT 2014

Our regularly scheduled maintenance window was extended by an additional two hours until 9:00 AM EST at which time it appeared that the system had been restored to normal functionality.  Unfortunately, there were some connectivity issues that persisted from approximately 10:40 AM EST until 12:40 PM EST at which time connectivity was restored.

Given the length of time that LEARN was unavailable, we recommend that  instructors who had assignments/quizzes due during the outage review the Guidelines for Instructors regarding the on line Learning Environment <https://uwaterloo.ca/learn-help/guidelines-instructors>

On behalf of the vendor, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
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