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Some of you may be interested in attending an upcoming seminar about a new electronic fax system soon to be implemented by IST. Please see details below.

If you are interested in attending this presentation, please let me know. The server has a user web interface that you may be interested in. It also has an admin interface that Telephone Services would be managing.


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Subject: RE: fax server presentation

Thanks to those people who have responded to my initial email regarding the new fax server. However, out of 88 departments with at least one fax machine, only 20 have responded so far. I would really appreciate hearing from each department one way or the other.

In order to provide a little more clarity, I would like to hold a fax server information session on Tues, March 11 from 2:00 - 3:00 in DC 1302. Please RSVP to myself.

Note: A second smaller session will be held on Friday Mar 14 at 9:00 in MC 2009 as part of IST's regular Friday morning seminars.

In these sessions I will :

1.       Talk about why we are doing this (save money, ease of use)

2.       Demo the system

a.       Send a fax from Outlook

b.      Receive a confirmation page

c.       Review incoming faxes

d.      Look at history online

3.       Answer any questions

Here is some further information based on comments and questions  I've received in the past week:

*         If you want to keep your existing fax number, that is not a problem. The cost however is approximately $26 per month to do this.

*         If you don't need to keep your fax number, then you can ask that faxes be sent to 519-888-4380. Telephone services will then forward any faxes to this number based on the cover page of the fax. This is a FREE service. If you only receive a small number of faxes each month, this is a nice alternative.

*         For those of you that want to get rid of your fax machine, you can contact central stores (Brian Forler). Someone would then come by and pick up your machine.

*         Some areas on campus lease fax machines from Pitney Bowes. If your department does this, you may want to not renew this agreement when it expires.

*         For those of you receiving credit card information on fax machines, we can forward incoming faxes directly to a printer and then delete the fax within 24 hours. Whether this would satisfy the University's requirements for credit cards will have to be determined.

Thanks for your time.

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