[Faccus] NETWORK ALERT - 2014-02-12 Wired Network, Wireless - Maintenance - Reloading Academic Services Routers

daldwinc at uwaterloo.ca daldwinc at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Feb 11 10:35:00 EST 2014

Description:     Reloading Academic Services Routers

Date: (YYYY-MM-DD)     2014-02-12

Start Time:              07:15

End Time:	08:00	

Impact:           Low


Submitted By: daldwinc at uwaterloo.ca

Comment:        On Wednesday February 12th, the Academic Services router in MC, and the Academic Services aggregation routers will be rebooted. The purpose of the reboot is to resolve multicast latency issues, as well as apply updated firmware.

The AS areas in MC will experience a wired and wireless network outage while the device reboots.

The aggregation routers are redundant and will be rebooted in series. Some areas with single uplinks may experience a short outage. The majority of AS areas will be unaffected.

Notice Submitted:    Tue Feb 11 10:35:00 EST 2014

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Note:   If you have any questions or concerns please contact the IST Service Desk (CHIP) at ext: 84357 or helpdesk at uwaterloo.ca

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