[Faccus] Brief SharePoint Service Outage: January 31st

Stephen Markan smarkan at uwaterloo.ca
Fri Jan 31 12:57:39 EST 2014

Hello SharePoint Administrators/Owners
This is to advise you about a brief service outage that should last no more than 60-seconds.
Most people will not notice, but there is a chance that data may not saved to SharePoint
Please advise people who may be working on SharePoint late tonight about this event.

What is Happening?
There will be a minor service interruption this evening to address a technical issue with the SharePoint infrastructure.
Other services that also rely on the SQL Databases may be impacted.

When is this Happening?
The service event will happen between 10PM and Midnight tonight (Friday January 31st).
The event will take about 1-minute to complete.

How will this impact me?
If you are using SharePoint and are trying to upload or download information you may get an error.
Please wait a couple of minutes and retry what you are doing. You may have to refresh your web-page.

Please contact Stephen Markan (smarkan at uwaterloo.ca) if you have any questions

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